Tiffanys & Kikos

Tiffanys & Kikos Part 8

Nearly the end of an era,

How do we end,

Whe have gone from the age of 12 to now 18 plus,starting at the Bridge.

After starting years ago and now the time to finish,

One night,in Kikos,a live band was on, just one song…was a number one hit ,A,Man like me,,,,,,,you tube jimmy james

Northern Soul had come into Kikos

The rich had gone,,,,The restauarant   sold burgers and scampi and chips,

The  VIP dissapered

Younger  came in,  and we moved on

One of the best nights a famous pools winner came in regularly,foot ball pools.

260,000  pound,

Spent it all,  in a year,

Steve was behind the bar,she was always been pestered by men,

One night  she had enough,asked me for a bottle,always tipped,

And in 3 sechonds bottled a bloke 3 times her size,,,,,,,,,,,i suppose times had changed.The old Kikos would never be the same again,Steve and Carl

never went years after when i suppose they played Rave , would love to hear from any one that did,.The wealthy moved on back to the pubs in the villages,or the new Bar restaurant on the race  course,,,,,,,,,,,we moved on to Leeds and Doncaster,,,,,,,,,did  we  ever go back,maybe,maybe something special happened , Bibis in Leeds and Doncaster was calling,Digbies,new jobs,girlfriends and some wives,,,,,,,,,

The bridge never came back again, but the fun rolled on,taken me 8 years to write this,,,,,,,,,,,,maybe if ok and comments i can start number 2,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,any one that commented,shared,,,,,,,,,i thank you,,,,,,good luck and take care,