The Boys Club

The Boys Club & Darrington Club

Well ,well ,well, we have moved from the bridge, why, you ask,well we just got older,i suppose,
Why Darington and the boys club ,Well ill tell you if you carry on reading,
Is Alison,Gail,Steve Carl and the rest involved of the gang,,,,,you bet,

Lets start with Darington,Club,not a club really,it was about 2 mile from Ponte, down a small country road,Darrington was a bit posh you know,small country village with 2 country pubs,The Darrington Hotel,and The spread eagle,you could drive through it,was on the old A1 used to be trafic lights there,untill too much trafic and accidents,so the built the fly over,Any way i diverse.

As i said, wasnt a Club,just a small room next to the church,with no adult control,a small record player in the corner,well id been collecting , my records,since i was 15,,,,,,,5  ex juke box for a quid,,,thats a pound,or 1 days wages at the market on a Saturday, ex duke box dont have a middle in, for those that dont know,so you bought a plastic insert.

So, as i had the records, still to this day in my house,Motown,Northern soul became my first gig  really,,,only just on a Sunday we were allowed to use the room,,,,,,well  thats the intro,lets see  what went on shall we,