Steve Lipner

RIP Steve, a true friend and one of the best anyone could wish for. You helped many people with their problems, and you were there when I needed help the most. You will never be forgotten and will always be remembered by everyone who had the pleasure to know you.

Rest in peace, my friend.


My  life,god  where do you start.well thats another story about god,Im sure that will come up later some time,I think its time to put some things down,in writing,so some one maybe, one day can learn,or maybe have a laugh.You get to a point,in life,when you think,have i wasted it,,,,,,,,,,i suppose in some ways i have,but in other ways,,,,,,,god  what a life.Memories,wow some sad ,some mind blowing fantastic,been rich,been poor,Im a miners son,from a Lithuanian refugee,and an Irish mother,i suppose, made me what i am,Born in 1956, in Yorkshire,,,,,,,,,,in Pontefract, educated quite well,but i blew that, which can be explained in further stories,Always all my life been told,you should have been an actor, or a writer of books,Suppose  just to live ,working hard,never got around to it,,,,,,,twighlight years are coming,no children, so when im gone the dynasty, is gone,,,,If i could leave some books,behind,for children and adults,that made you laugh or cry with stories,a lot true,or stories,in my dreams,i feel that i would have been worth while,isnt that what most people dream of, leaving a good memory,,,,,,,,,young ones  today, they would never believe ya lol, good line from Monty Python,If your from the north of the uk,and the same era, maybe you understand more,if not,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i hope you get some experience and enjoy,future  stories  and  clips,,,,,,,,,,  so im new here and have to start some where ,  We are going across the world with stories,from America,Far east,whole of Europe, middle East, India and under a bridge in Pontefract,,,,,,,,,,,,,,you have to follow and find out lol  Thats my introduction,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,want to laugh,,,,,,,,,,or feel sad,  up to you lol  , xx