Tiffanys & Kikos

Tiffanys & Kikos Part 7

Well well well

The police called on Sunday,the car was found in Askern,   so Steve took a trip, on the South Yorkshire bus.They did the Leeds,Doncaster run small bus company and there depo was in Ponte mid way,funny just behind the old boys club.

Expecting the worst, but the car was fine,for sure some one didnt have the taxi fair or transport to Askern at 1 in the morning.

Even the 8 track player in the car hadnt been knicked.if you dont know what they were  never lived lol.

you couldnt wind them back with a biro like cassetes lol

They never got caught   but the car was  ok

No clubs on Sunday so a bit of a boring night for the guys,

so they decided to go back and meet at the bridge,

No number 10s,

No packet of 5

No matches ,Had money for lighters,

Clive . cant waitt till next year when i can come.

Pete, me neither

Andy,you bet.

Andy , give us a fag

Steve pulls out a packet of 20 BH  gold

Andy Fxxk me man   can i have 2

Steve , bollocks ya greedy buggar

Pete , well did you pull that bird works there and lives up the hill

Steve none of your buisness lol

The night went on ,maybe the last night at  the Bridge,no one would know,the chatted smoked and laughed,untill the last train went over ,