Tiffanys & Kikos

Tiffanys & Kikos Part 6

After a while Steve got a job behind the bar,just Friday and Saturdays.

Good  advantages,my mates got in free  and i got to know the waitress,nameless,but fit as a butchers dog.Same age long dark hair in a pony tail,great boobs,and a tiny bum,

Carl, you stand no chance mate.

Steve.well if you dont ask you never get.

Carl, you might work here part time but id forget it mate,

Carl  , get us a pint mate,you get em free,

Steve,ok ill have another orange as well.

Carl, Pufter.

No Gays in those days, just Pufters  by the way,,

Lesbians as well just in your dreams as a 3 some,

the night came to a close,,,,and they both went to the car,parked on the waste ground right in front of the door,

Steve. fxxk its gone,

Carl what the fxxk,

Yup been knicked,,,,,,,,,,how the hell can it be knicked when 2 bouncers at the door  20 feet away,,,,,,,,,,a call to the police and a walk home,

Will the car be found,,,,read  on.