Tiffanys & Kikos

Tiffanys & Kikos Part 3

Well  you know its 1,55. when this comes on,When will i see you again,,Three degrees,

Your last chance to pull,before the lights come on and you see the sticky carpet,and sxxt chairs lol

Well you guessed no one pulled,so head out,

Carl, Lets put together cash for 2 taxis,

All,  im skint mate,

Clive spent my last on a Babycham,for that one in the pencil skirt,wouldnt even smooch lol

Steve,ha ha

All laugh,

Steve ,so its walkin home then come on,

So the long walk started,

General chat between all,things like,i could have pulled you know,did you see the redhead,yeah i could have,see legs on that one,i had my chance,she fancied me,she was right up for it,the one i was chatting too,that one fancied me but none of you would come with me cos her mate was dam ugly,yeah we were too good lucking for em you know,yeah they lost out,dont know what they are missing,i put my best levi staypress on as well,and i had my best ben sherman shirt on,spilt bloody beer on it,

It went on and on and on for the hour and a half,through Featherston,and the hardest bit up the hill to Ponte Barracks,then down hill all the way,,,,,all Bravado, at the roundabout,on Wakefield road in front of the chinkie ,some split up to go different ways

Steve night lads,

Steve,Clive and Carl all lived on the same estate,

Clive so we going next week

Carl,no way

Steve, Kikos then

Carl .yup  not doing that walk again and the birds got no taste,