Tiffanys & Kikos

Tiffanys & Kikos Part 4

Kikos opened,very posh lol 2 Bouncers on the doors,in dickie bows,needed a tie to get in,small restaurant area, a fountain in the corner,stage,2 dance floors,,and the Dj box.VIP cards available as well,lost a copy i had.

Cant remember the first DJ famous in Leeds ,tiny guy,how he drove his Jag and reached the pedals even with platform  shoes ,no idea,maybe some one reading this ,can comment on his name.

Well whats happened to the main gang.

Due to some of the gang,not being 18,had to leave behind,for 2 years at least.

The girls,well they seemed to have gone there own ways,even if some popped up later.In future stories,

By now got a Cortina 1600 e.Purple,and black vinyl roof,so off we went.