Tiffanys & Kikos

Tiffanys & Kikos Part 2

The night  went on,

nearly 10 oclock and the place is full of women,older women

Clive jesus  so many fit women mate

Carl, its tuesday

Pete, whats the difference,

Steve its free entrance and a free drink before 10 with a ticket,Grab a Granny night,

Andy, none looks my Grany  mate, jesus you seen that, in the pencil skirt,

Steve its an expression idiot.

Carl maybe your granny comes lol

They all laugh,

Andy , if she does im out out of here.

Pete,Hope your mother does,

Andy why,

Pete, shes a great body , boobs like Gail

Andy, you mean you want to shag my mum.

Pete na na na just dreamt about it some times,

Pete, so  you fancy my mum then,

Andy no way mate

Pete , you wana fight,,,,,,, silence

Carl and Steve get involved ,Sxxt  you two now shut up or your out of here , mate,  another record plays

Back stabbers  O jays…