Tiffanys & Kikos

Tiffanys & Kikos

So, we decided to get on the bus,as only 2 Scooters and cars on L plates,id got my Triumph estate first, could only drive up and down the drive, 50  quid, not bad.

Of to Wakefield then,

You can search on Google,Tiffanys Wakefield,some good pics.

Bouncers at the door,

Bouncers, hey up lads,

Hi was the reply from the group of ten,all at once

Bouncer,is tha 18

Steve and Carl  nervously , yeah ,

All rate  then , 10 shilling in for your ticket,and a free drink, was early so that offer  was until 9,30

In the meantime,lots of women just walked through stright past us,we wondered why, and a lot older.

Pete, cor did you see that lot,

Andy,Bloody hell

Clive,Cor man this looks good,

Pete stood at the door,only just the same height as the bouncers waist.

Bouncer How old are ya,

Pete  19,

Steve whispers  dont be fuxxking daft

Bouncer says to pete and andy, sorry lads,

Steve jumps in , hey mate come on we come all the way  from ponte,slips him a quid, and he lets all the gang in,

Pete and Andy together,  cheers steve,  thanks for that,

Steve says thats 2 quid you owe me

Pete but it was a quid

Steve, power of inflation mate,

They walk into a half empty club,

Some music on ,

James Brown sex macine,