The Bridge

The Bridge Part 9

The Bridge, you know the scene,

Steve turns up on the scooter,sxxt no one here,lights a number 10 and waits,a coal train passes  going over to Ferrybridge Power station,do you know thats about 40 trucks, drive so slow,,,,,,,thinks, well stocking up before the miners  strike,,,,,,you know they run every bloody 30 mins now,,,,,,,,,Scargill  will lose this one maybe,   lol Thatchers  clever,,,,,Loud  rumble  takes 20 mins,,,,,,,,,,then silence,

Carl turns up,,,,,,,, steve says hey mate you got a Lambretta,,,,nice one man…… where you get the money for that,

Carl,,,, dad lent me some i got a part time job at the market,paying him back 10 bob a week

Steve , nice one mate,  where is your kid,ps kid is brother,

Carl,  lockdown mum found a durex and a mag under his bed,

Steve, sereves him right, never showed us the mag ha ha ha ha

Young ones today never learn,

Both have a fag, wait 30 mins,,,,,,,,,Gail Janice,Allison no one turns up,

Carls tha got any cash,,,,,,,,,,,steve said

Carl  about 10 bob   what about you

Steve ,ive a quid,,,,

Carl  well we got us bikes  shal we go to the boys club see if we can pull bloody boring here  tonight

Steve   your on mate,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,sound of to Lambrettas leave in the fog,heading of to Ponte, all that left was the sound of the owl,until another Rail wagon went over,,,,,,,,and the drips of water from the tunnel ceiling xxxxxxxxxx drip drip drip