The Bridge

The Bridge Part 10

The scene as usual under the bridge.

Steve turns up first, and as usual lights a number 10

Carl turns up on the scooter,and witches the engine off,

Steve, hey up mate  good night last night,all the girls were there,how you do lost you about 10,30,

Carl,well gail asked to go on the back of my bike

Steve,ya joking ,

Carl, nope,

Steve you daft buggar ya not passed your test yet ,you still got L plates on you cant take a passenger

Carl, i know  but  worth it lol

Ender clive and dave,both say hi guys,mid conversation,

Steve you took gail home then,

Carl, well went down the lane before for a bit

Clive,our kid you had gail on your scooter

Dave,  did ya

Steve shut up, wana know what went of,  come on then carl what happened

Clive,did you snog her, then

Steve told ya clive shut the fxxk up

Carl , well  ya know  of course,

Dave ,shes got  great tits,

Steve shut the fxxk up dave, carl  and then what, anything else

Carl well, ya know shed had a bit of cider and said she fancied me, any way what about you.

Steve well i waited, thought i might pull Alison,,,,,,, didnt have a chance,that older guy was there, eddie with the van,she went with him.

Clive, bloody  19 year olds pull all the birds,

Steve, Clive  shut the fxxk up,,,,  any way Carl  and

Carl  ,  and what

Steve, and

Carl , well  ill  let you know tomorow maybe,

SteveClive Dave  all together,,,,,,,,,,,Bastard lol, and the fog came down as they left,

Dave,  Steve give us a lift

Steve, feeling pixxed of about Carl pulling Gail,,,,,,,,,,,Na make ya own bloody way home,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,rumble rumble  another train rolled over.