The Bridge

The Bridge Part 11

A rainy night this time under the bridge,

Steve arrives first on the SX200,with a Parker coat,Soaked,lights a number ten,thank got had an old flint lighter, matches wouldnt work, that night all the walls damp,

Clive ,arrives soaked to the skin,Bloddy pissing it down he says running under the bridge,

Dave, arrives the same  Jesus sxxt he says  god  what a night,hey steve got a fag, and hey clive i never asked,what happened to that mag you had under the bed

Clive  , think dad  took it

Dave ha think its under your dads bed now lol

Clive, Fxxk off,

Dave ,hey clive do you think your mum and dad still do it

Clive do what

Dave ya nar   do it like

Clive , do what

Dave moves his hips  and arms does some actions   , ya  nor,, doooooo   it   ,

Clive ,No idea mate and none of your buisness,  if they do they are bloody quiet.

Steve,  wheres  Carl  i wonder,,,,,,,,

Clive  , he went to meet Gail shes baby sitting,

Steve,,,,,,,,,, jammy bastard,,,,,,,,,,im of,climbs on the scooter,skidding on the rain soaked paving,     Clive and Dave say together,,,,,,,,,,Fxxk hes got the fags,,,,,,,,,oh well lets go home , see ya tomorow