The Bridge

The Bridge Part 12

Been a nice sunny day,at the bridge,in spring time,

Clive and Dave arrive first,

Both arrive  together,

Clive, i waited at your house bloody an hour for ya

Dave, yeah i got bloody detention,, PS was a friday night

Clive what  for mate

Dave when chemistry teacher popped out i mixed a lot of chemicals mate

Clive , bloody hell

Dave well i didnt know when you took that phosperous out of the water in the jar it set on fire

Clive rolls about laughing ,  idiot he says

Dave, well it made a real mess, burnt the bloody desk

bloody  good though ha,   Judy went in detention with me

Clive    why

Dave , she lit the bunsen burner  lol

Both  howl with laughter

Dave, i fancy  her you know like, have you seen her shes in my class

Clive, you mean with the pony  tail and no tits,

Dave  , yeah  flat as a pancake, but a great arse, any way shes 15  still time to grow,

Clive,  has to catch up quick on gail then lol

Both howl with laughter

Dave whers ya brother

Clive, went out with steve on bikes,some sort of soul night special at the boys club,,,,

Dave, cant bloody wait till we are 17,,,,,,,,,,,giz a fag

Both have a fag, as another train goes over, and decide to walk home, Clive says,  got a tele upstairs Monty Python is on at 10

wana come

Dave wish i could ya jammy bastard, but ill get my arse kicked if i get home after  10, let me know what happens,

Clive,   sure mate,,,,,,,,,  night

They both leave