The Bridge

The Bridge Part 13

You know the scene,  the rain has stopped,for 24  hours,its 7pm

Dave turns up first,followed soon  by Clive

Dave hey up mate nice to see you, got a fag

Clive,yeah got a few,,,,,opens a packet of number ten 10 pack

Dave, bloody hell a pack of ten, i can only afford a pack of 5

Clive yeah made a couple of bob

Dave hows that then

Clive, got a paper round,

Dave , good on ya,got a match,

Clive yeah  sure.

Sound of 2 scooters coming down the lane,,,,,,,,,,


put the scooters on the stands,

Steve takes his helmet off,

Clive   you got a helmet lol

Steve , yeah new law just come out,,, Note was about 1972

Clive ,bloody hell,

Carl, yeah i gota get one tomorow,

Dave what about cops tonight then

Carl naw its ok ill go back home on the path

Dave  so come on carl what happened with gail, are you seeing her aagain

Carl, not sure mate she said shel ring me

Steve, bloody doubt it mate, there hanging around with them older lads at the boys club,    giz a fag clive,

Steve getting a bit boring here with none of the girls

Clive, will you take me to the boys club, one night

Steve, your a bit young,but when i pass my test sure or ask your brother

Carl, im not taking him lol when im after gail again, cant get three on a bike lol

They all laugh and have a draw of the fags,,,,,,,,,,,,

Dave , come on carl tell us about her tits,,,,,,,,,,,

Carl,,,,,,,,,,  fuxk off lol,,,,youl never know

Silence   and they all after several chats, go home