The Bridge

The Bridge Part 14

The bridge,as the sun went down,7,30pm

Too  early  for the owl.just some sparrows going to nest above,

a great early evening,spring in the air

Alison and Gail turn up together,

Alison ,where are the lads,

Gail, no idea

I rang Carl but no one answered,

Gail, you seen steve

Alison, not since the boys club

Gail, hes fit you know,

Alison , yeah but eddies got a van,

Gail, i know ive been in it lol

Alison, never. so have i

Both say  mmmmmmm together,    and wait 30 minutes with general chat

Then they leave

What will happen will steve end up with alison

Will  carl get in bed with Gail

Will Dave be able to watch Monty Python

Will Clive ever pull Judy

Will the bridge still be there

And the owl,

you will have to subscribe to find out more,will some one else take over the bridge as they get older

Will They pass there test

What happens at the boys club,

Could there be a book, named the Boys club in short stories,  youl never know unless  you tune in,,,,,,,,,,,good night