The Bridge

The Bridge Part 15

Still Raining this time hard, over the bridge


Drip drip drip  form the roof

a slow rumble leading to a sound like thunder from a coal train,Then silence except  drip drip drip and small splashes as the landed on the floor in the small puddles

drip drip drip

when the coal trains went over the puddles would make small ripples with the vibration, drip drip drip

No owl, for sure in a tree covered from the rain,

Drip splash drip splash,,,,,,,,

The bridge was lonely,just carrying its load above,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

No one came that night , No one, maybe the bridge was sad,that no one was here, the drips could have been tears, who knows  because there was no one that night

Drip drip drip drip small stalactites,had started to form from the lime in the cement drip dip drip,,,,,,into the puddles