The Bridge

The Bridge Part 8

IF   youve read, you know  the  scene  the  tunnel,,,,,,,,,
carl,,,,,,, hey up mate, hows tha been   doing
steve,,,,,,you alone  then, pass us a  fag mate,  got  any
carl,,,,,,,yeah  a few, got a couple of  bob  at  scrapyard,  bought a pack of 5 no 10
steve,,  thanks, need  one , whers  rest  of  em
carl…. dont know , clives  grounded, dnt think any one else  here  tonight

its   cold, the mist, cold mist is in the  air, every breath can be seen, under the lamplight
silence  a  while, as  steve and  carl smoke the  cigarettes,,,,, the only  sound, a tawny owl
way in the distance, in the nearby woods

carl,, that  tawnys  still there
steve  ,,,,, yup
steve,,,, never  found  that nest  you know

carl has  a long  drag,,,,,, fills the night  air  with smoke  when exhails

a long  silence,,,,,,,,,,,,,,long  too long,,

steve,,, she  finished  with me  tha nos
carl,,, bloody hell,
steve,,, yup,    think im off  home

steve  walks  away   still with  a fag  lit   slowly   after  a  few mins,   there  is  a  shout  from carl
still  there  alone  in the  tunnel

carl,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,   which one  finished  with ya  then  ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,