The Boys Club

The Boys Club & Darrington Club Part 9

Well the night came to a close,all of us just stood out side, of the club,having a fag and sharing,

Pete,how did it go then,inside there

Carl not bad,

Steve,i danced first time lol

Andy, ya liar

Carl no hes not , any way how you do at pool

Pete  wooped me , 3  nill

Carl hows that then

Pete im too bloody short for them cues and table

All laugh

Andy, give us a fag steve

Steve you never got your own

Andy that buggar wont even sell me a single cos of my age,

Steve gives him a number 10

Andy ta mate ya got a match,

Carl  gives him a match and andy strikes it on the wall,,,

Andy  thats a bloody saftey match ya buggar

All laugh and carl gives him the packet so he can strike it

Andy so you danced did alison see,

At that moment the older lads came out with all the girls and climbed in the van,,,, all say  night guys  and giggles,

Steve puffed  a long drawer, thinking  one day  one  day

Pete,,,,,,,,hasnt Gail got  great tits,,,,,,,,,,,,

Silence  and they all split  and  went home,