The Boys Club

The Boys Club & Darrington Club Part 8

We  were just playing music,suppose quite jealous,older guys,doing the moves,and the girls only have eyes for them.

Id practiced dancing as you do upstairs in my bedroom,in front of the mirror mum had an old really big radio deck and player,i mean big man, was a bush,weighed a ton,she didnt want it in the lounge as the 70s.had brought a new type of furniture,it used to be in the front room,in Nevison in the early 60s,We lived in a pit house then,24 Holmfield lane 3 bed semi detach,,,,,,,very rare allowed in there lol,the best room,when aunties and uncles came around,left of the coal fire,,hey i diverse ,,,,,,,,

So i played, ! judy street, classic northern soul!

Ps thats wigan,we  would go there later in the series on the Scooters,so we are a lot smaller  lol in Ponte,

Steve , hey carl gona have a dance,

Carl, no way mate,i cant do that,

Steve,  well im of,

You danced solo or 2 people,so i went for it legs shaking,and im up against eddy

as the record finished , i went to go place another record,Eddy taps me on the shoulder  and  says,,,,,,,,,,,,,,your a good dancer mate

Ever floated on air,still didnt get attention from alison lol,but now had the confidence to dance, what happens next, read on