The Boys Club

The Boys Club & Darrington Club Part 7

As Booker T and the MGS is still playing, the guys walk to the door,

Steve,  Pete Andy, go play table tennis ya plonkers.

Pete oh come on

Andy yeah come on mate

Carl ya too young mate  gives Pete 3 pence for the pool table,

I get stared at buy Eddy, leader of the older lads, and the guy the girls all wanted,  remember  he had the van lol

There is Alison and the rest all leaning against the wall,

Eddy, whats that got in boxes then you bought some more

Steve, yup any chance of playing

Eddy, sure,

I went nervously to the player

Eddy make it good

Gail, wow you look cool, ps first compliment on dress id ever had, i blushed,

Put on my first record,

You little Trust Maker by the Tymes

Eddy and 3 older guys  danced with the girls ,,,,,did i well next episode and you will find out.