The Boys Club

The Boys Club & Darrington Club Part 6

Well as you know we had some headline news by Edwin Star,  ,,,,,,

Darrington had closed down and the Boys club Ponte was open, behind the Bus Station,

So we arranged to go for the first night, by the way, not just for boys, any age group accepted, as there was a table tennis table and pool,

Think there was a shilling entrance fee, cant really remember.

There was a small room for dancing, smaller than Darrington lol and a record player, I was working in a small mens clothes shop on Saturday in Castleford, forgive me for forgetting the name was near the market, any one remember can message me and ill put in the book. Any way I diverse, I got a discount, so it was my first Ben Sherman shirt and beige Levi staypress and purple plastic shoes, don’t laugh was the business, so ready to go,

All the gang was there we arranged to meet at the bus station clock, and of course by now 2 boxes of records so 100,

As we walked in and paid our small admission fee, guess who is in there,,,,  yup

Alison, Gail, Susan and Janice, all ex from School,

Carl whispers, Fxxk Alison is here

Steve, whispers, Sxxt and Janice,

Clive whispers, bloody hell and Susan

Pete,  doesn’t whisper says out loud,,,,,,and Gail, God look at them Tits,

All the gang,,,,  for  Petes sake Pete Shut up will ya,

Then a sound comes from inside the small dance hall

Was Booker T and the Mgs,     Time is  tight,,,,,,,

time to move in,