The Boys Club

The Boys Club & Darrington Club Part 10

Welcome back

This went on for a few months,but as normal we were getting older

was still the same guys, Steve and Carl were ready to pass their car tests,

School finals were coming up,,,,

Pete and andy were allowed to go in the dance area,,,,,,,ps they were crap. Pete had bought a pair of Loons, ps tight trousers in 2 colours then at the knee, split  into massive flairs,,  they were too long he fell over 3 times,

All laughed, but Gail picked him up the third time and gave him a kiss on the cheek,

Pete froze,,,his face still close to her bossom  and ran to the toilet,he was gone 30 mins,  no idea what he was doing but came out with a smile on his face,

Coming to the end Steve played Have you seen her the Chilites, have you seen her,,

he was just ready to  ask Alison for a dance but couldnt get the record on and get to her fast enough ,Eddy got in, and Steve was just watching,    time to leave here he thought ,time to move on,so packed the records,

Steve and Carl were at the door,having a Fag,

Steve Carl you do your test next week,

Carl aye mate

Steve mine next month

Carl well Kikos opening next week ,Ps  a new posh night club,

Steve well  we can go there until we got the cars, and then check out Tiffanys in Wakefield

Carl yeah sure, sounds great gone dead  here we stand no chance,

Steve, hey fancy Tiffanys in Wakefield  Saturday, we could go there on the scooters,

Carl yeah but what about Clive and the rest

Steve ok we get the bus and walk back

Carl, its bloody 8 miles  lol

Steve we can stop at the 24 Transport caf  on the way

Carl ok   your  on  give us a fag

Steve handed a fag and both went home, so Tiffanys  starts and Kikos,