The Boys Club

The Boys Club & Darrington Club Part 4

Well Next Sunday came quicker than we thought,we had only a couple of meetings at the bridge,that had slowly dissapered  what with Scooters coming, except for the younger guys,and dating with new girls.Saturday meetingss under the Bus Station clock at Pontefract at 12,I was popular because,dad always went shopping to Bradford, to the polish club,Mum had a sewing machine shop in Ponte market, so the house was free lol, yahoo,,,,,,,curtains closed,and any one with a fag had to blow smoke up the chimney, cant say what happened some times upstairs lol ,  ps  late mum, not your bed  ,ok xxx by the way no full sex ever happened  , just a bit of you know what, so many a time buying more ex juke box,Collection growing, and ready for another night,well  word had got around and became more popular,

Steve and the guys again walked down the lane after tea ,to Darrington.

the place was packed with people queing outside waiting for the warden to open had to be over 100, youths,wasnt even that lived in the village lol,,,,,,,,,

I was asked to DJ again,,,Andy  said have you brought any more records

Steve , yeah maybe 70  this time

Pete, as tha brought any smoochies,,,,,,,,,if  you dont know  thats some slow stuff you play 30 mins before the end, hoping for a chance

Steve , thal never pull dave thas too young mate.and your 4 foot 8

Carl, hey pete you face would be in gails boobs mate

The gang all laugh.

steve hey pete  you caan give it a go youl never know.

Inside the plave was full  and jam packed and too much smoke as i approached the record player,,,,,,,,,,easy to get started

Do i love you Frank wilson

,  that started it rockin, even some back flops on the floor and that was tight lol saw  Eddy showing off, well he was 19  and had a bloody van,so all went to the wall and watched,

Then Wigans Ovation Footsee,  justbeen on Top of the Pops,,,

Again  bloody  Eddie lol,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i thought not having  this,,,,,,so i put on Have you seen her by the Chiltes,,,,,,,,,,,,Eddie hated it

Pete  approched  gail,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, what happened ,,,,,,,,,you will never  guess