The Boys Club

The Boys Club & Darrington Club Part 3

Just coming into the village

Pete, we  nearly there  yet

Andy  yeah are we there yet.

Steve, about 5 mins more,hey you see down that street,4th house,on the right Alison lives,there

Pete, bloody hell,front gardens bigger than our house, and they got a double garage,

Carl,yeah been inside,right posh lol,sisters a bit of all right ,but shes about 24 lol

Steve, yup fit as a butchers dog,tha stands no chance,great body like

Dave, whats that mean,

Steve, youl find out when you get older lol

They turn left at the main cross roads, and just before the Spread eagle pub the church is on the left down a small gravel lane

As you walked up on the right was a small room,up some more that 20 by 20 feet, with a small record player in the corner.The older lads van you know the guys that pulled all the girls, was parked in the drive way.

Steve , sxxt  they are here, aint gona pull tonight then

Carl , Not a chance lol.

I walked in and just a few records by the player,got my box in my hand,nobody seemed to be acting DJ,so i thought well ill take over.Pulled out Jnr Walker,how sweet it is to be loved by you


Bingo, they were dancing, followed by War Edwin Star

, Baby Love by the Supremes

and i was suddenly busy,just record after record,didnt even notice  that the girls were dabcing with the older lads,just went in the mood untill we  closed at 9,30,that wass closing time for the vicar,and we made our way  home ,,,,,,, what happened next sunday,well we  will wait and see,,,,