Short Stories


<Ahoy there jim lad, get on board> said the captian,they looked stormy seas and in such a small boat.>it be a long  and hard sail to get our ship back stolen from blackbeard.Are you ready lad to take on blackbeard and his men, me boy, if not, stay back now, they be much danger on skull island>

I have never been so scared,but now was my chance and what hidden treasures there could be on skull island,maybe gold and silver and jewels a fortune yo make a man or boy rich for all his days.

>aye aye capin, im with ya, set sail and fight to the death us both>

Wed been many days on the high seas,our small boat rocking through severe storms.water and food rations were getting low.the sun beating down,making our mouths parched but on and on we went with blistered hands from the oars.

Then in the far distance,land ahoy the captain said, be Skull island me boy.

I pulled harder and harder on the oars desperate to reach our destination,treasures beyond our wildest dreams,not long to go now after the  months at sea.

We need a good beach to land on captain.  I said . they look like serious reefs and rocks all around.

As we approached,there seemed no signs of life or blackbeards boat. But we sailed cautious through the reefs to find a beach to land.

I had my sword ready ,out of its hilt and pistol loaded in hand.

Make sure your powder is dry the captain said or ya will be shot between the eyes when ya gun don’t fire me boy.

There it was,a perfect beach to land, ready, sweating with nerves,the perspiration on my forhead ready for the fight and then discover the hidden treasures deep in Pelican cave.

AS we approached the beach a strange sign  a notice on the deep cliffs above…a loud  voice   who was it…………………………………………………………………………………………………………



Come in number 6 Come in number 6  from the loud hailer of the man in charge of the boats at the ticket office. then the sign.



One of only 2 times I had been with dad alone,except walking to the church on Sunday morning.i must have been about 10.We were on Pontefract park lake on a rowing boat what a great day out, what an adventure, spoiled by west Yorkshire council…I never got chance to step on Skull island,What treasures would I have found……I wonder.

Kids now got Disney land holidays, parents spend thousands, with real pirate shows, is there a difference though  , I wonder as well.