Short Stories

Animals Part 3

I cant have been the only one

There you are in PC  world ,  don’t know what the hell you looking at

I mean they had just come out hadnt they

And the last time you saw anything looking as complicated ,was a calculator

Before that the abacus

That’s what u had at 4 years old in infant school , if your too young its like a wooden rack with different coloured beads on, you slide across

The lower numbers singles one colour , then the tens ,then the hundreds

What do they do with 5 year olds now  throw em a casios I suppose

Or do they still make em

Any way, yup ill have the printer and the scanner   I mean what do you use that for any way ,only scanner I had heard of was in hospitals for cancer  or breasts  or something

But it’s the rage  and you gota have it, said the salesman virtually sweating thinking  of his commission

Why are the free games always  boring, not the ones your interested in, so oops, another couple of hundred quid on them as well, then you find out you need the joystick

Why they call it a mouse any way doesn’t look anything like one

This  top model has more memory than the first space missions  your told

As though I want to fly to the bloody moon I mean I just wana get on this internet thing,  we all did at the time…….i wonder how many guys  first search was  porno  when the wife was in bed

Or the wife searched for  that matter, im sure theres as many frustrated women as men, so lets not be sexist, Anne Summers’ weren’t selling the rabbit then.

Its  got so many mega bites ,   now this is confusing , bites ,  I mean do you have to feed the thing

Well the offer in the window was complete package 225  pounds

Your credit card has just been swiped for 850     not cos of a good salesman really, you just didn’t want to appear a nerd

Oh and the best thing ,the last item ,if any one can recall

Books ,  the best one , computing for dummys ,  about 5  pound

Yup dummys .Ok ,just pictures of all the things you get on the help  in the windows program any way ,but at the flick of a button.   After page 2 ,  …. you don’t need it.

 I think page 1  was ……..plug it in.

Good title though ……….     dummy for buying it

Were talking about  1998 roughly here

Dad would then be about 74, a Lithuanian refugee ,more of that later.Not stupid by all means , just not into technology lol     well neither was i

Id popped out and left the speakers on (yup bought the xtra speakers as well) was windows 98 and had the screen saver of the fish you all know the one

It had all been set up as a rush on the dining room ,joint lounge table   and screen saver set an hour or something.After going out and returning some hours later  dad said your machine maybe needs more water………I looked amazed……..what the hell is he on about this time,until after a minute, I heard the glug glug splash of the sound, bubble bubble, on the screen saver and didn’t have the heart to say anything.Poor dad ,all afternoon listening to the windows 98 screen saver sound, quite loud,all day and night

Even all the way through coronation street and wondering, maybe top it up with the kettle lol

Another thing.    CLEAN COOKIES   .

 I checked the biscuits. They  were still ok with the sell by date.

I learned something  and not that my dad was stupid , you need to know more of dad lol

Its that ,          that  childish type innocence , can stay with us all our lives……