Short Stories

the tree


Hello I’m an old tree an old man I have been in the forest for hundreds of years Spring time is coming again.He spoke with a gravel deep voice.

I’m an old Chestnut Tree I have born many children and now Spring has come and my little ones will be born again,

The tree,bloomed and many small chestnuts formed,and grew.then fell,when autum came,but one little one was left.Pappy pappy he said im alone,what will happen ,

Well my child ,Autumn has come and soon you will fall to the ground .But I will leave you then pappy and I will be alone .

Don’t worry my little one the tree said .you will fall within my deep roots and the snow will come, what will happen then the little one said?

Well my little one. the tree said. maybe a squirrel will come and put you in his mouth. Oh pappy, that sounds really bad.

No my little one he will not eat you, at that moment he will bury you in the ground .And then what will happen Pappy pappy pappy .

Well in spring time if he doesn’t find you, you will grow a sprout beneath my roots and maybe grow to a  tree ,beneath me.

Green leaves will grow from you and you will reach towards the sun.

So little one , fall now, to the floor and maybe i will see you in spring time, good luck.little, one.

Last page a pic of tree no leaves covered in snow  2 crows in the brancehes,     words   will sring time come well for our little one,  we have to see