Short Stories

The Girl at the Bar

Id been in there 30 mins or so,slightly smoky,dim lights,trying to read the local paper above the noise of the card players on the next table.

The Spanish football on the  tv screen and the sound of the slot machine.

Local gossip entering my head , half listening and then having to re  read the last story cos

I hadn’t been concentrating        ever been in that  medium world    your not  here or there realy.

I glanced up and it was her eyes  that caught my first attention.,large saucer eyes deep  brown, she noticed that I was looking and  shyly she glanced down.

I turned my gaze  back to the paper ,feeling my embarrasement , shed noticed I had been watching her.

Through the corner of my eye I could see her lift the bottle

Taking it to her lips,direct,no glass.

She was at the corner of the bar and if I turned  right and looked at the television I could look at her with out her noticing.

I lifted my brandy glass , pretending to watch the football and was able to take small glances without her noticing.

Her hair was a mass of curls, thick , tight , maple coloured ringlets.

Little make up if at all…..she didn’t need it ,  a porcelain face.

Every one else was smoking    not her.

She again took to the bottle and took a sip , then i noticed she was staring at me

I gave a direct look back and she shyly looked down at the bar

averting my gaze.

Her skirt was really short  .

I went back ,  to try and read some more in the paper…..

But through the corner of my eye I could see she had left the stool and was approaching me.

She pulled at my trouser leg…………said hola……in a sweet voice

She must have been less than 2 years  old  , what a cutie  ,  teresa

………I know what u were thinking…………….