Short Stories

Animals Part 1

An old pot sink in the garden,   god knows been there years,  slightly slimy green water,

Great could be the atlantic ocean to me as a boy, better than the bath as that was inside the house,

Any way mum didn’t appreciate bangers fireworks going off in the bathroom even after

Work she could smell the phosphorous,

In those days bangers you got just before bonfire night from the newspaper shop even at 13

Before the regulations came in, we are talking the 60s here.

Ha ha ,2 airfix models auntie annie had bought me  just great for a battle   hms hood and the bismark.

Of course the germans were gona loose they always did at the picture house on Saturday

Morning  why not here,

Load a banger into the chimney  on the model ship,  light the fuse , hms Bismark came around the  corner, and with a bang. Bismark was sunk, well blown to smitherines really.

Well a bit too much gunpowder  cos bits of airfix went all over the roses in next door neighbours garden. they weren’t at home and he would need better instructions, than what came in the box, to put it  all back together again and then work out it was one of my toys, tee  heeI laughed.

Many sea battles were done in that old sink

Autumn turned to winter and winter to spring

Lets get rid of this old sink said dad ,  sure dad

Need to tip the water out easy to carry

Low and behold, dam 3 goldfish I put in there fell, out must have been there 7 months ,forgot all about em  .not like me with animals.

Didn’t wana put em in a stupid bowl again not fair so  yeah great stick em in a plaggy bag and take em to Pontefract park lake   freedom at last.and a lot bigger than the sink lol

People used to go pike fishing in ponte lake    good for pike

Those of you don’t know ,pike are mean nasty fish, eat everything grow up to 4 foot long and teeth like jaws

The pike dissaperaed from ponte lake

I think after all that experience and hardship  in the sink and explosives,  the tough little bastards , my goldfish, ate them all

Probably still there now 8 foot long

If you can still hire a rowing boat on ponte lake “Don’t”…….