End Notes

All autobiograpys are of people famous or done something really special

Here is mine of a normal guy………………….or is it……..you read and decide.

Dedicated  to my late dad, late mum, sister, my best friend, lover, partner and soul mate keely, to all her family,New mum, jeanie ,the late TJ Johnson,all the family, late sam and,chiki the dogs,All my old friends who I lost contact with but stay in my mind,My child hood mates,ex girlfriends,my ex wife,the driver of no12 bus in grand canaria,The monty python team,all the young ones,Frankie Beverly,lauren bacall,Sophia loren,Michael Winner,Humphrey bogart, Frankenstein,Orson welles,Lauren my old friends daughter.

Vic reeves,The producers of Fireball XL5,the beano and the dandy,Viz,especially the fat slags,To all the people who said you should write a book to Terri the last person to say write a book.To the first publishers who said you should have never wrote a book.All actors and makers of Paris Texas,Das Boat the 6 hour version,probably the best 2nd world war film ever made and by germans.The wizard of Oz.Edwin star,.My dead goldfish,parrot,birds,weasel,ferrets,doves,jackdaw,mice,rabbits,hamsters,crow  and 1 leged duck,,,,gertie

And all the people who don’t like me…………cos if you read this, you bought the book or most probably borrowed it,or knicked it………their  that type.

Note   not in order of importance…….apologis to gertie.



Why I write this…………..no idea,maybe just something to do in  my life,maybe so many people in the past said “you should write a book”.Maybe because ill receive some money………yeah yahoo could do with it as I write this.Maybe I need a record for my self ,  no, cant be that, my memory is like the film archives, were ever they are,Bradford now I think  ,Movies in my mind,a great line from miss Saigon ,in one of the songs,,so don’t need my own book to read. Maybe some one will make a movie (I hope its not Hollywood and its done in black and white.).Do we all hit 54 and want to write a book,is that what happens.

My life up to now was normal,or was it special,who knows I suppose I  would have to do a national survey to find out.I think all life is special anyway.Did I waste it up to now,was it full……………………what if ……    do we all say that.    I know I woudnt change what I have now.

There is one thing I do know, if this book makes you laugh,  cry ,  make you sad , or happy i will have succeeded.

Why would I think sadness is good ,because I think without that you cant feel happiness

Without tears no joy…………